Project Management & Project Management Office (PMO)


Our Project Management & Project Management Office Service encompasses setting up of new PMOs, operating PMOs and augmenting existing PMO’s by means of a value driven and tailored approach based on the needs of the Client. Furthermore our Project Management service includes;

  • Co-ordination of multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Scope Definition and Management
  • Cost Management
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
    Scheduling and Time Management
  • Quality and Procurement Management
  • Contract Administration

Programme Management


Our Programme Management service is designed to roll-out capital expenditure programmes, other activities include;

  • Development of Integrated Project Execution Plans
  • Development of Process and Procedures
  • Cash flow Management
  • Management of capital approval process
  • Reporting on overall performance
  • Management of the procurement process

Organisational Project Management


Our Organisational Project Management service is designed to assess the current maturity level of a company and develop an attainable plan to ensure benefit realisation. This also includes;

  • Providing support services to ensure that the desired results are achieved
  • Strengthening the link between strategic planning and execution
  • Identifying the specific capabilities which make up the Best Practices

Construction Project Management


Our Construction Project Management service is a comprehensive offer to manage all project stages from inception to close-out. Other activities also include;

  • Contractor supervision
  • Project Controls and Execution
  • Technical Assistance
  • Documentation Control
  • Contractual Expertise and advice
  • Costs and Schedule control
  • Reporting
  • Project Administration